Scattering Ashes at Sea Ceremony

Honour the memory and last wishes of your loved one with a respectful and memorable farewell from aboard the Oriental Queen. For many Melbourne residents, having their ashes scattered in Victoria Harbour or the Yarra River holds great significance. Our private charter boat offers a beautiful setting so family and friends can lay a loved one to rest just as they’d requested.

The spacious and luxurious charter boat is large enough to accommodate 61 guests, so you can choose to include all those that were close to the deceased to join in the farewell ceremony. We also offer a range of catering options so your guests will be comfortable throughout the afternoon.

Ceremony Charter Boat Hire

The Oriental Queen has been completely refurbished with luxurious finishes, making it an excellent venue for a solemn ceremony or wake. The tranquil sounds of the water combined with the beautiful skyline of the city will create an ambience that suits the event. Our team can also assist guests with flowers and décor for their day cruise and ceremony.

Our team understand how important and special this day is and will work hard and discreetly behind the scenes of every private boat charter so all guests are comfortable and taken care of. More importantly, we will take care of all the details so you can devote your time to honouring your loved one without distraction or interruption.

Organise Your Day Cruise Charter

If you would like to organise a wake or ceremony to scatter ashes at sea, contact us today. Our experienced event planners will assist you in chartering a boat for a Melbourne city cruise or Victoria Harbour boat cruise to honour the final wishes of your loved one.